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Key Issues

  • Well-designed parks are an essential part of livable cities.
  • Parks like the 606 and Maggie Daley Park take new approaches to urban recreational space.
  • The expansion of the Riverwalk is bringing vibrant new public space to the Chicago River.

About This Topic

Chicago’s playscapes - parks, playgrounds and green spaces - bring Chicagoans and visitors outside to play.

Not only does magnificent architecture play a role in crafting a dynamic urban environment, playscapes offer locals and visitors opportunities to engage with the city in new ways. From major spaces like Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Park to neighborhood-based play spaces like Humboldt Park and Fullerton Beach, Chicago provides venues for adults and kids to get outside.

Latest Updates on Parks & Public Spaces


City officials break ground on 312 RiverRun trail


It used to be Chicago's defining area code. Now 312 has a new meaning. On Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the 312 RiverRun: three parks, connected by a single path that stretches for nearly 2 miles on the Chicago River, from Belmont to Montrose.

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Biking and Chicago’s Lakefront Trail


It’s hard to pinpoint when bicyclists first started enjoying rides along Chicago’s lakefront. But as Chicagoans’ love and appreciation for the bicycle grew, so did the city’s biking infrastructure, including the beloved Lakefront Path.

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7 best views in Chicago


Chicago is famous for its stunning architecture and iconic skyline. Where is the best place to take in those beautiful views? Here are some of our favorite spots across the city.