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Please use the form below to submit a tech help request. Before you fill out the form, check our Frequently Asked Questions:  

> Can't access something on the docent website?

The docent website is password-protected in several ways. If you are able to log in to architecture.org with your username and password and are able to get to this page, you’re half-way there! If you are on the docent website and can access some pages but not others, here are some suggestions. Typical pages where you might experience this issue are:

  • Docent homepage (dashboard area)
  • Service hours
  • LEAD entries
  • Event registrations
  • Other’s tours Buildings

1. Are you faced with a screen that looks like this?

Screen shot of the docent dashboard login
Make note of the number that appears below your name in the right column of the page. This is called your unique “D-number”. Click the link in the instructions and enter this number in the form.

2. Is the website displaying a name or information that is not yours?
Sometimes the wrong D-number is entered on the docent site during a session. This is much more likely to happen on the shared docent library computers where multiple people are checking the docent website using their own login. To access your correct information, go to the docent homepage and click the link at the bottom that allows you to “clear or change your registration.”

3. If you cannot remember your username and password or if your D-number is not working properly, please fill out the request form below.

> Can't access a tour manual?

Some tour manuals are purposefully not available for download on the docent website. However if there is a link next to the manual that says “download”, you should be able to access the document online. If you are having trouble, here are some suggestions:

1. Does the webpage indicate that the document is password-protected?
If so, enter the password listed on the page exactly as it appears when you are prompted. Passwords are “case-sensitive”, so pay attention to upper-case and lower-case letters.

2. If you are able to wait until you are at the CAF office, all docent manuals are accessible on the docent library computers.

3. If the document still will not open, it may be your computer’s settings. Enter the details of what you see in the form below.

> Having trouble with Vicnet?

Vicnet is a separate online tool from the main docent website. We have made it easily accessible to you via the docent website, but Vicnet requires it’s own login and may experience issues separate from the main website. For general questions, there is a detailed Vicnet tutorial available here. If you are still having issues, here are some common solutions:

1. I am able to get to the Vicnet login screen, but I can’t remember my login (or my login isn’t working).

This is what the Vicnet login screen looks like.

Screenshot of the Vicnet login
Your email address is your Vicnet login name. If you do not remember your password, enter your email address in the login name field, and click the Forgot your password link. You should receive an email shortly with your password. If you don’t want to use that password anymore, log in with it once and then change it.

2. Once I log in, there is a very long wait until I see the welcome screen or can navigate from one month to the next.
If you are waiting for longer than five minutes, don’t continue to wait. Close out of the application, close your browser, and then start over.

A group of docents and CAF staff monitors this form regularly. We will respond as quickly as we are able, but we do not review issues 24/7. You will typically hear from us in 1-2 days.

NOTE: We have found that many issues docents experience with the website are related to the web browser program they are using (ie: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome). Using Firefox (a free download) has proven to solve most of the common reported problems. If you are able, try attempting to access the website using Firefox before reporting your issue.


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