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Located at 111 E. Wacker Dr. at Michigan Avenue, the CAC will be a place to discover the stories and secrets behind Chicago’s magnificent architecture—through exhibits, tours and programs.

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Give a gift that lasts more than a lifetime.

Chicago Water TowerThe story of every Chicago building begins as a blueprint. Some were hand-drafted by architects like Daniel Burnham or Louis Sullivan, others were created with the latest design software. The Chicago Architecture Foundation serves as the steward of those stories, proudly sharing Chicago’s legacy of architecture, infrastructure and design.

Members of the Blueprint Society have entrusted their legacy to CAF. They’ve included a provision for CAF in their will or trust, named CAF as a beneficiary of life insurance or retirement assets, or made an outright gift to a CAF endowment fund. Once received, legacy gifts are placed into special funds managed by CAF’s Board of Trustees.

These generous legacy gifts can provide benefits to your loved ones, address your financial goals and share your philanthropic values with future generations. They also allow for the continued growth of CAF’s programs, tours, operations and exhibitions.

Benefits of Blueprint Society Membership

  • Recognition in annual report (unless donor chooses to be anonymous).
  • Invitations to Blueprint Society special events and programs.
  • Personal concierge service for CAF itinerary planning.
  • Special commemorative gift.
  • Subscription to member newsletter and annual report.
  • Recognition as a Legacy Donor.

How to Become a Member of The Blueprint Society

  • Include a provision for CAF in your will or living trust—a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or a percentage of the residual of your estate after you’ve provided for your family and loved ones.
  • Name CAF as a beneficiary of your IRA, retirement assets or life insurance.
  • Name CAF as a successor beneficiary of your Donor Advised Fund (DAF).
  • Name CAF as a charitable beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust.
  • Name CAF as an income beneficiary of a charitable lead trust.
  • Make an outright gift of cash or appreciated stock to a CAF endowment fund.

Helpful Resources

Types of gifts  [pdf]
Naming CAF in your will or trust  [pdf]