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The annual Newhouse Architecture + Design Competition showcases the talents of Chicago-area students who create projects that solve real-world problems.

Named after late Illinois Senator Richard Newhouse, this competition gives students an opportunity to practice and refine design skills and create a project that could be part of their portfolio. It inspires teens to understand why design matters by researching, representing and redesigning the built environment to solve challenges that are personal and place-based.

2019 Winners

2019 Newhouse

The 37th annual Newhouse Architecture + Design Competition partners with firms, non-profits and studios that work on Chicago-focused issues. These partners helped define the divisions and will serve on the jury that evaluates division entries. For more information on each partner, see the Newhouse Student Manual.


Advanced Architecture: Dragon Boat Racing Facility

Digital & Physical Modeling: Chicago Bungalow

Industrial Design: African American Heritage Water Trail

Fine Arts: Building Identity Self-Portrait

Graphic Design: Open House Chicago Bus Shelter Poster

Photography: Architectural Photo Essay


Any Chicago-area high school student is allowed to participate in Newhouse. Students participating in after school programs or working independently should reach out to so we can help you plan, set goals and finish! Students can also attend Teen Open Studios on Thursdays at the CAC to work on their projects and receive feedback. 

Competition Jury & Entry Evaluation

CAC will convene a robust network of more than 40 professional architects, designers and engineers to serve as jurors for Newhouse entries. Each division will be chaired by the division partners. Jurors will review and evaluate student work for evidence of the design process, critical thinking and professional presentation.

The Newhouse Competition is generously supported by

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