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The doors to Chicago’s finest places and spaces don’t unlock themselves. We’d like you to meet the passionate, enthusiastic people who help us host the city’s biggest annual architectural festival: Open House Chicago.

Meet Kimberly Corrigan, General Manager of the historic Blackstone Renaissance Hotel. The fabulous 1910 building has been one of the busiest Open House Chicago sites over the last two years. 

What is your favorite part about this site? Why should people see it?

Most hotels say that they have a presidential suite—but no actual presidents have ever even set foot on their property. At the Blackstone, we have a historic, gorgeous “Suite of Presidents” where more than 12 actual sitting presidents have stayed over the years.

What do you love about Open House Chicago?

I enjoy interacting with all the visitors and helping them imagine being in this suite when the presidents actually stayed here—from President Kennedy eating Boston clam chowder before he had to rush back to Washington for negotiations on the Cuban Missile Crisis to Harry Truman treating staff to a private piano performance of the “Missouri Waltz.”

What is the most common question you get asked by OHC visitors?

How much does it cost to stay in the Suite of Presidents? You will have to visit us in October to find out the answer!