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 August 11, 2012 10am - 3pm
 Unseen City II

CAF Teen Studio will be working with Archeworks to help teens discover, or re-discover, Chicago and deepen their understanding of their community through design and exploration.

 August 18, 2012 10am - 2:30pm
 BRT 2.0

CAF has opened an exhibition, “Bus Rapid Transit: Next Stop, Chicago” which explains the benefits of BRT, how it will impact Chicago, and where the initial routes have been planned to go. For this Saturday in the Studio we will design a BRT station using an actual site somewhere in Chicago! We will use the exhibit as part of our analysis and get help from those who have had a hand in bringing BRT here!

 September 8, 2012 10am - 3pm

For our HIVE Design Jam in September we are going to look at the new field of Biomimicry and discover why designers and business people alike are seeking answers to many complex questions in the world around us.

 September 22, 2012 10am - 2:30pm
 Landscape Architecture

September is Landscape Architecture month at CAF Teen Studio. To promote this vital and growing design profession we are inviting Landscape Architects and designers to assist with a LA project for the day. We will then have a question and answer session afterwards for students and parents, as well as distributing materials from great Landscape Architecture programs in Illinois.

 October 6, 2012 10am - 3pm

Design Jam October is about Water. Through hands on activities we will use the ideas of “filter” and “meter” to make teens aware of the community’s impact on the Great Lakes and to inform their “filter in a pocket” design.

 October 20, 2012 10am - 2:30pm
 Engineering + Construction

In the month of October CAF Teen Studio will feature the work of Engineering and Construction firms. Professionals will be invited to mentor CAF Teens while working on projects throughout the morning, and then be available to present the work they do and answer questions for both teens and their parents. Join us to learn more about the vital role engineers and contractors play daily in helping architects create the built environment around us.







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