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newhouse prep

Newhouse Prep is designed to help both students and teachers with their entries for the Newhouse Competition. Subjects will be focused on tips for submitting a quality project, not just for Newhouse but for any competition or portfolio submission!

Programs (tentative)

January 14, 10a–12:30p – Terms, Text, and Insight: An introduction to this year’s Newhouse Competition

This course will be a thorough introduction to Newhouse, its rules, and tips for submitting a solid entry. CAF will present slides of past winners and discuss what might have set those projects apart. We will also answer questions regarding the new format, new divisions, and how this may change the projects that are submitted.

Not mandatory but a good idea especially if you enter a project in the Design and Alternative Sections. There will be lots and lots of slides as well as some basic good practices techniques.

 February 11, 10a–12:30p – Techniques: A “how do you do…” workshop - *** SEE SLIDESHOW BELOW!

All of the divisions are set up so that any school can find something to enter if they choose. However you may want some more help or see someone in action. This course will go over a variety of drawing and model building techniques brought to you by professionals who have good tips from their own past experiences or things they use day to day. Some of the subjects include: drafting as an art, orthographic drawings that sing, how to find perspective in your life, runway models, taking the scare out of photography

 March 10, 10a–12:30p – Alternative Ways of Thinking

We will help everybody understand what we mean by “alternative” in this workshop. Not to fear we will be there to take questions and give you some history of what both artists and architects have done in the past to express how they felt about the built world around us. We also intend to show what designers do today to build excitement or express their feelings about their own work to their clients and to their community. There will be exercises related to each of the Alternative divisions, so if even if you are a CAD genius you can find out how to express that left side of your brain in a right side kind of way.

 April 14, 10a–12:30p – Presentation

The subject this week is pretty simple and straightforward, but the content is so important! Here we will give you tricks and treats (post-Halloween) on how to create a solid entry for Newhouse. Good thing too because the due date is fast approaching! Some of the subjects will include: avoid all-nighters with good time management, board layout that is not boring, how to move your model around, and other things to remember.


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