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Courtesy of Ombra

A Celebration of the Tre Venzie

Welcoming Spritz

Assortment of eight room temp/cold cicchetti

Four hot cicchetti

Two piatti (one being a fish)

Assorted Desserts

*Wines by the glass to include Soave, Prosecco and Valpolicella

Check out Ombra's menu for examples of cicchetti.

Tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Menu is prix fixe and subject to change. Dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated.




Sunday, Decamber 2, 5:00pm

Ciccheti, small plates, the snacks the city of Venice is known for, can be found at wine bars (bacari) and eateries.  Ombra– La Mensa (Italian for Mess Hall) is a new Italian bar in Andersonville that offers ciccheti.

Inspired by the regional flavors of the Italian Tre Venezie, Ombra is a space you can make your own. It’s where the casual comfort of the neighborhood meets the energy of possibility. You just might encounter the new and unexpected—whether the flavors, the wine list, or the conversations and people around you. The menu is designed as portions that can either satisfy a taste, or spark the appetite for more. Nothing’s hidden here, almost everything’s offered out in the open, a feast for the eyes and imagination. It’s a perfect, no-fuss spot, featuring cured meats, vegetables, bruschetta, and tramanzzini, the Venetian answer to English tea sandwiches. Italian wines, mostly from the Venice area, but not exclusively, accompany a full bar menu of cocktails and beer. They’re presented as the menu, designed for trying and experimenting. With the salvaged materials and unique décor, creative reinvention is a huge part of what makes Ombra unique. Alerego Design’s Davide Nanni, known for his recycled aesthetic, has designed the interiors. Come to relax and recharge between plans, or spend the evening. Ombra is a familiar touchstone—casual and accommodating, provocative and inspiring, it’s about quality in living.



Tim Rasmussen

Tim Rasmussen found a rather interesting path to the restaurant business. After graduating from college with a degree in real estate and urban economic, Tim joined Real Estate Research Corporation, a national real estate consulting firm.  While at Real Estate Research Corporation, Tim was involved in the preparation of market and financial feasibility studies for public and private sector clients. These studies were national in scope and included all types of real estate including multi-family residential, industrial, hotel, office, and retail. It was during this time that Tim’s interest in architecture and design blossomed, working with the likes of HOK, Holabird and Root, and Booth Hansen.

After a couple of years traveling around the country collecting real estate market data, Tim was recruited by Hawthorn Realty Group, which at the time, was a large developer of suburban mixed used office complexes. At Hawthorn, Tim was responsible for overseeing the marketing and leasing of more than 8.5 million square feet of office and industrial space in the Chicago metropolitan area. He was involved in more than 150 purchase, sale, and lease negotiations. It was during this stint that Tim plunged into the restaurant business by investing in the Carlucci Restaurant in Rosemont, Illinois and the Lincoln Park location.

Finding the restaurant business to be far more stimulating than the commercial real estate business in the early 1990’s, Tim became more and more involved in securing real estate and financing for a number of restaurants in the Chicago metropolitan area.


Martin Fosse

Marty has been involved in the ownership and management of restaurants throughout his professional career. Marty directs all operational aspects of the restaurants. Before teaming up with Tim Rasmussen in the late 1980’s, Marty worked for the Levy Organization as General Manager of Spiaggia. Between 1981 and 1985, Marty worked in various capacities for Morton's Restaurant in Chicago.

Ever since his days at Spiaggia, Marty has been a passionate Italophile. In the late 1980’s, Marty was recruited to oversee the Carlucci restaurants in both Chicago and Rosemont and was instrumental in establishing the culinary and wine direction for the two restaurants.

Wanting to delve back into his Italian roots but in a more casual format, Marty formulated the idea for Anteprima and in 2007 opened the restaurant to rave reviews. It was a couple of years later that Marty became intrigued with the super casual cicchetti restaurants located in the quiet neighborhoods of Venice. With lots of extra real estate located adjacent to Tim and Marty’s Acre restaurant and the wisdom to hire Davide Nanni for the design/build component, it was a natural that Ombra would be a big hit.


Davide Nanni

Italian-born designer Davide Nanni is the director of AlterEgoForm, Salvage One's interior and architectural design company.  Like the retail shop, all of the materials used in AlterEgoForm’s creations are recycled or repurposed.  Nanni’s mantra is “Ex Malo Bonum” (the good from evil) and he finds beauty in taking discarded materials and giving them new life.  Environmentally speaking, it's a model both ingenious and intuitive: building materials are rescued from the landfill, new furnishings are coming from a local source instead of virgin wood and, best of all, the final product is completely unique.  His other local restaurant projects include Simone's Bar in Pilsen and the Boiler Room in Logan Square.

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