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2010 Essay winners

The essay question:

Whether or not you become an architect, why is it important to know about architecture?

As high school students, you often learn about areas that you will not directly pursue as a career. However there is much value in learning about different industries and histories, and this is the basis for our 2011 Newhouse essay question.

Who is asked to write an essay?
Every Newhouse Competition student registration package must be accompanied by an essay. If you are registering for  Newhouse, you must submit an essay. Multiple projects by the same student only require one essay.

  • What aspects of life does architecture touch?
  • How can architecture take you places?
  • Can you think of any successful people who studied architecture, but who do not work as architects?
  • What examples can you think of, that illustrate the benefits of knowing about architecture?
  • How do you think learning about architecture will affect your life in the future?

Rules for writing and formatting your essay:

  • Essays must be submitted with the registration packet, due by Wednesday March 9th to your teacher.
  • Your essay should fill one page and be single spaced.
  • Your essay should be typewritten using Times New Roman 12-point font.
  • Can only be printed on one side of the paper.
  • Your name, school, grade level, and teacher should be written on the BACK of your essay.
  • Your name should NOT appear anywhere on the front of the essay.
  • No staples
  • Do not print in color, or on colored paper
  • If you use someone else’s words or writing, please include citations.
  • NOTE: Parts of your essay may be reprinted in an architectural or academic publication.


Essays will be divided into two categories: freshman/sophomore and junior/senior. In each category, the top three essays will win ribbons and trophies and will be exhibited with student projects. The first-prize winners will read their essays at the awards ceremony in May.

The judges will be looking at the following things:
Does your essay follow all of the rules?
Did you proofread your essay to eliminate errors?
Did you identify a problem and describe a create solution?
Does your essay fill the entire page?



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