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As a high school student, you encounter real design challenges each day in your own school building. Tiny lockers, a crowded cafeteria, or a dark library.  And while you may love to question 'what if', you might be unsure how to get from identifying the big problem, to developing your ideas, to getting feedback, to finally sharing your solution.

DiscoverDesign.org was made for teens like you.

In January 2012, the Chicago Architecture Foundation officially launches the student components of DiscoverDesign.org - the first digital learning tool of its kind.  DiscoverDesign.org helps you gain new architectural skills, learn design principles, solve a design problem, and connect to an online community of your peers, your teacher, and design professionals around the world.

Available free 24/7 at home, in school, or from any computer with internet access, you can begin by choosing a real-world design problem posted on DiscoverDesign.org.  Throughout the various stages of the design process, you post your original photos, digital models, animations, architectural drawings, videos, and text. 

The website serves as a safe and creative 'architectural town square' where you can be inspired, pose questions, and get feedback about your architectural design work. 

High school teachers around the country in architecture as well as interdisciplinary core subject courses also use DiscoverDesign.org as an interactive resource for project-based learning.

If you're a teen - jump right in!  Explore the site and start a design project.  If you're a teacher who'd like to use DiscoverDesign.org with your students or if you're a design professional who'd like to volunteer with CAF as an online - we'd love to hear from you.

Contact Jen Masengarb, CAF's Senior Manager of Educational Research, at discoverdesign(at)architecture.org with questions, feedback, or new design project ideas.



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