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Reconsidering an Icon
2012 CHICAGO Prize Competition WinnERS

In August 2012, the Chicago Architectural Club announced the Future Prentice competition, which challenged designers to:

• Restore, modify, or expand Prentice Women’s Hospital.
• Incorporate—or not—a vacant site south of the hospital into the scheme.
• Adapt the building to accommodate healthcare, education, or research in order to bring continued economic prosperity to an urban neighborhood defined by a hospital and university campus.

A jury that included architects, engineers, historians, and curators chose the winners on November 6, 2012.

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First Place
The buildings are sleeping, you should go and wake them up, she says.
Prentice Competition Winner Cyril Marsollier Prentice Competition Winner Wallo Villacorta

Designers:Cyril Marsollier and Wallo Villacorta

A new medical research structure embraces half of Goldberg’s Prentice Women’s Hospital. Its mirrored façade reflects two lobes of Prentice, preserving the image of its iconic form. The black base houses an auditorium. The buildings are sleepingproposes the transformation of Prentice into a museum.

Second Place
Superimpositions: Prentice as Additive Icon

Designers:Noel Turgeon and Natalya Egon

encourages the vertical growth of Prentice Women’s Hospital. Extending Prentice’s structural core allows a series of additions, which would include diverse architectural styles, forms, scales, programs, and materials. The project imagines the transformation of Prentice into a vertical architectural timeline.

Superimpositionsincludes a study of works of architecture that have been demolished or adapted. It superimposes demolished buildings with their actual or proposed replacements. These Demolished Additionsled to the generation of a library of generic iconic forms that can be stacked atop the existing Goldberg building.




Third Place
Bridging Prentice

Designers:James Wild with Lauren Haras, Katherine Lee, Andres Lemus, Tom Marquardt, Pedro Melis, Saman Moayer, Kerry Rutz, Katelyn Smith, and Ashley Wendela

Bridging Prenticetransforms Goldberg’s structure into the anchor of a reimagined downtown campus for Northwestern University. The removal of floors within Prentice allows the addition of an atrium. The top level of Prentice’s base becomes an elevated street and park, connecting the buildings while providing green space for the public and hospital patients and staff. A new research center houses labs and offices.

Prentice hospital design competition honorable mention entry  

Honorable Mention

Project X

Designers: Anja Buttolo with Tilmann Lohse, Priska Lohse, Michael Pancost

These are simply sketches, dreams, fantasies - nothing serious.

What is proper preservation? Is Bertrand Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital really worth preserving? Who should decide—property owners, preservationists, elected bodies, politicians, architecture critics? The questions are simple, but the answers are controversial


Thank you to our exhibition sponsors and partners.

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Chicago Debate on Prentice
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