A School is not a Building

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"Apart from the image below which I though was a bit too Liz Diller, it was one of the few that expressed different possibilities: stacks, connectivity, a profile of the roof, and this kind of a shroud. What the shroud is, I don’t know, but I thought there was something very interesting about that expression as a building."


"The section is the point. The little diagram next to it on the right with all the little blocks is actually fabulous because it tries in some fashion to replicate the section on the façade. While I am still smitten by Mies and what the Chicago School represented, if there is an image that is worth pursuing to get to a new iconography of the section in architecture, it would be where it turns into an elevation. I realize this elevation is filled with problems – Paul Rudolph problems. But it’s quite beautiful in section and in elevation."