Layered Intelligence

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"It taps into, historically speaking, a history that Chicago isn’t crazy rich in: the use of structure, in an eccentric way, to define space and differentiate program on [both] the exterior and interior. I love the fact that it is really unafraid to be very idiosyncratic and very particular to purpose. Maybe Bertrand Goldberg hit it best, [and] this is a varied vocabulary of Goldberg. We like the generic and repurposable. This strikes me as resisting that tendency in a cool way."


"This is such an outlier for me. This is a pre-cast concrete panel structure, with some sort of integral part that is made of silicon and human hair coming from the salons and waste stream of Chicago. The whole thing is very strange and I appreciate that because I feel like this person didn’t pick this up from a magazine. It comes from a place inside her head. And then there is a kind of obstinacy about this building. I was in the cab and we went past the Monadnock building, and that is one stubborn building. I appreciated that sense of stubbornness."


"I love pug ugly dogs, but I have a hell of a time with pug ugly buildings. But I was entranced by the bottom image, whether it be Karnak or some other historical thing that comes to mind. There is something about the expression [that is] intrinsically troubling. I like that, no question about it."