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Explore the ways architecture and design impact you every day! This five-day program introduces design thinking to young learners ages 6-12 through fun, interactive lessons, with support from CAC Education staff.

Join us for this weeklong program that introduces architecture and design using items generally found at home. Discover the Design Process and practice using it to imagine a new corner of your own city and to design a new living space for the people around you. Participants will be invited to share their ideas and tell us what livable spaces look like to them. A series of hands-on building activities will bring your designs to life!

The Design Process

The Design Process is an important tool used by architects, designers, engineers, and more! It’s useful for making informed decisions about design and it allows room for improvements later.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Learn about the Design Process

Day 1: How Buildings Work

Have you ever wondered, “How do buildings stand up?” Learn the basics of architectural engineering and understand the difference between load-bearing and skeleton-frame structures.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Vocabulary, Warm-Up and Challenge for Day 1


Buildings come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Explore some iconic styles found in the Chicago skyline and decide what style your building will be.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Vocabulary, Warm Up, and Challenge for Day 2

DAY 3: Architecture in 3D

Translate your building sketches to three-dimensional forms.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Vocabulary, Warm Up, and Challenge for Day 3

DAY 4: Ornamentation

Learn about different materials used and decide what ornamentation you want to use on your structure!

DOWNLOAD PDF: Vocabulary, Warm Up, and Challenge for Day 4

DAY 5: Beyond Buildings

Think creatively about the context of your building and how it interacts with its environment.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Vocabulary, Warm Up, and Challenge for Day 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your frequently asked questions in this recording of a webinar hosted by CAC Education staff on Wednesday, May 13 2020 for Design Club participants.