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At the Chicago Architecture Center, our programs and events help you think differently about the places we live, work and play. Get behind-the-scenes access to the city's architectural treasures. Practice your design skills while you play with your family. Participate in expert-led discussions about the latest urban design issues. With these offerings and so many more to choose from, we guarantee there’s something inspiring and fun for you at the CAC. 

Summer Camp: Catwalk Playlist

Design isn't just about architecture—it's a part of the fashion and music worlds, too! Campers ages 11-14 will explore how fashion, music and architecture share ideas and change throughout the decades. We'll tour the Loop, meet design professionals…

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Saturday Studio: Floor by Floor

This Saturday Studio will be led by Oak Park Station lead Evan Watson from FitzGerald Associates Architects. With the architect, students will make decisions, learn about what needs to go inside a building, and build out a design, floor by floor.

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Summer Camp: Passport to Architecture

We'll explore architecture from a bird's eye view as we follow the journey of Speck the Pigeon, in a globe-hopping tour of the world's most iconic buildings. Alongside Speck, students ages 7-11 will become passionate architecture explorers through walking…

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LEGO® Build Workshop: Wrigley Field

Sports draw big crowds in Chicago. Did you know that Wrigley Field can hold more than 42,000 people? Explore how stadiums are designed with crowds of cheering fans in mind, and create your own LEGO® baseball stadium.

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Summer Camp: Skyline Explorers

Have you ever looked at a skyscraper and wondered, "How did they do that?" Campers ages 7-11 will get to know the stories behind the skyline in this five-day camp. We'll explore buildings in the Loop, hosted by architects and designers, then write and…

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Saturday Studio: Site Specific Development

This Saturday Studio will be led by Oak Park Station lead Evan Watson from FitzGerald Associates Architects. Students will be challenged to design and build a series of buildings for a specific site to meet client needs. Students will learn about massing…

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