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In December 2022 Pullman National Monument was designated a National Historical Park. It’s only the second national park site in Illinois. Join Pullman Park Ranger, Grace Kruse, to learn about the Pullman “experiment” and what this designation means to Chicago and the South Side.

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Gand Lecture Hall

Learn about the Pullman designation, why it was chosen and what it means for Chicago. Ranger Kruse will also share information about National Parks and how you can plan to visit these important resources in our communities.

Grace Kruse has been a park ranger with Pullman National Historical Park since 2019. Growing up in the “back yard” of Indiana Dunes National Park She's always felt a sense of connection and stewardship towards National Parks. Although working for the park service since 2016, Pullman truly feels like home. The dynamic stories (and lessons) Pullman has to tell makes this park so special.