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Esta tour de 90 minutos ofrece una visión completa de la historia arquitectónica de la ciudad. Los edificios se presentan en orden cronológico, desde los primeros rascacielos hasta los nuevos rascacielos de gran altura.

1.5 Hours
Chicago Architecture Center, 111 E. Wacker Dr.

Chicago es conocida por construir algunos de los primeros rascacielos del mundo. ¿Cómo y por qué se desarrolló esta tecnología arquitectónica aquí? Y cómo ha cambiado la tecnología arquitectónica y el diseño de los edificios? Explore todo, desde edificios clásicos hasta edificios de gran altura. Los sitios, presentados en orden cronológico, cuentan historias importantes sobre la ciudad. Este es un tour fascinante de la historia de Chicago y su arquitectura.


90 minutes


$26 (entrada al Chicago Architecture Center esta incluida)
Gratuito para los miembros del Chicago Architecture Center.


Chicago Architecture Center, 111 E. Wacker Dr.

Want a quick introduction to Chicago’s magnificent architecture? This 90-minute Spanish language tour takes a comprehensive look at the city’s architectural history by viewing buildings in chronological order, from early skyscrapers to new supertall high rises.

On this tour, you'll learn about the city's beginnings on the river, its rebirth after the Great Fire and its development into a commercial and cultural hub, all while viewing structures in the order they were built. These buildings—including the Page Brothers Building, Old Dearborn Bank, the Chicago Motor Club, the Carbide and Carbon Building, NBC Tower and more—tell the story of how architectural technology evolved over time. You'll see up close how each building has its own unique design, often reflecting the style that was popular or prevalent when it was constructed.


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There are no upcoming public departures for this tour, but it's available for private bookings. Contact for more information.