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CAC is excited to celebrate 41 years of showcasing the talents of Chicagoland high school students solving real-world architecture, design and engineering problems.

Newhouse 2023 winners have been announced.

Winners : Architecture Division

1st place: Kiana Pan

Location: Lincoln Park, Chicago

"... I wanted to create a space that would invite individuals to engage with people in their community, while simultaneously getting them into an area with lots of nature and fresh air, despite the urban surroundings."

2nd place: Vanamali Dhurvaas Rishinath Babu

Location: Lake Forest, Lake County

"To advocate on the societal issue of not giving physical and mental health the same amount of importance, I have designed a 'Greenhouse Gym' using architectural software, developing a possible solution for this communal issue."

3rd place: Jasmin Hernandez

Location: West Loop, Chicago

"I wanted to focus on students like myself. Students who need a space to relax after school, a place to work on themselves, or just a place to appreciate nature from the inside."

Winners : Engineering Division

1st place: Elaina Gipson

Location: North Lawndale, Chicago

"... there are very few enclosed, private spaces, and a highway very close to the space. This park would primarily be for the residents of the neighborhood, but I also hope to attract other families and children in need of a peaceful and safe environment."

2nd place: Mia Luckett

Location: Near West Side, Chicago

"The challenge that my problem addresses is that there is a community with a school, apartments, and houses and no nice outdoor place for them to gather. This space is for kids to get out of the house and spend some time outside with their friends."

3rd place: Makenna Beattie

Location: Park No. 517, Chicago

"This project addresses all the stressed people in the world that just need a 'breather'; like my mom and brother. ... Having somewhere outside to just revamp, relax, and still learn is so very important."

Winners : Design Division

1st place: Kacper Paraniuk

Location: Schaumburg, Cook County

"Working on this multifunctional bench project was a pleasure and an amazing experience of learning to actually being able to take my project from a 3d model using inventor to building it in real life!"

2nd place: Kya Pruitt

Location: Muchin College Prep, Chicago

"This design was derived from my love of reading. As someone who is passionate about reading and has over 100 books in their room alone, I wanted to create something that would store these books- in a cool way."

Winner : Construction Division

1st Place: Alexandra Navarro

Location: LaBagh Woods, Chicago

"The most important characteristics of [my] design are the use of natural and locally sourced materials, the incorporation of biophilic design principles, and the celebration of Caribbean culture."