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CAC is excited to celebrate 42 years of showcasing the talents of Chicagoland high school students solving real-world architecture and design challenges.

Named after the late Illinois Senator, Richard Newhouse, this competition gives students the opportunity to practice design thinking and 21st-century skills like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. It inspires teens to understand why design matters by researching, representing and redesigning the built environment to solve challenges that are communal and place-based.

The theme for the 2024 Newhouse Competition is the Affordable City. To ensure the competition is accessible and equitable to all interested participants, this year’s divisions will range from small, medium and large-scale projects.

We are hard at work revamping the 2024 Newhouse Competition. More information will be announced in late 2023.

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September: Theme is set
October: Web pages updated
November: Competition divisions announced
November/December: School outreach begins, Teacher Manual released
December/Early Jan: Registration links go live
April: 12 Competition closes
April 15-19 – Jury review
May 18 – Showcase and presentation of winners from each division