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WE’RE OPEN! Starting July 3, CAFC River Cruise, CAC Galleries, our Box Office and Design Store join our Walking Tours as open to the public.

See some of Chicago's most beautiful residences and an early 1900s church on this delightful walk along three blocks of Dearborn Street. Learn the history of this storied Near North neighborhood, established in the wake of the Great Chicago Fire.

1.5 Hours
$26 public (includes CAC admission)
Free for CAC members
Intersection of Dearborn St. and North Blvd.

Highlights on this tour include a look inside St. Chrysostom’s Church to view its stunning stained glass, along with fascinating stories about the people who lived in this affluent historic district.

The tour begins directly north of the intersection of Dearborn Street and North Boulevard, near 47 W. North Blvd, on the edge of the park. It ends three blocks south, at the intersection of Dearborn and Goethe streets.

  • Advance reservations are required for this tour.
  • Ticket price includes entrance to the Chicago Architecture Center within 7 days of your tour. View the CAC's hours.

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