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Walk the historic core in the largest of Chicago’s West Side parks, created by many including William LeBaron Jenney and Jens Jensen. Discover architecture and sculpture that honor many of the immigrant groups that have created our city. Our walk partner is The National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture.

2 Hours
$30 Public
$10 Basic Members
Free for Deco Members and above
At the Humboldt Park Boathouse portico, 1301 North Humboldt Drive

Shortly after the Civil War, a young Chicago created the park and boulevard system, giving form and character to a flat landscape and encouraging development to the city’s edge. Picturesque lagoons and carriage drives would evolve into a landscape that reflects our home on the Prairie, with art that reminds us of our roots.


  • Many tours sell out. To guarantee your space advance reservations are strongly recommended. 
  • Your safety is our priority. The itinerary of this tour may be altered in accordance with health and safety policies and considerations.

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