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The doors to Chicago’s finest places and spaces don’t unlock themselves. This year, we’re introducing you to the passionate, enthusiastic people helping us put Open House Chicago 2017 together.

Myrna Coronado-Brookover, senior vice president and general manager at JLL, has managed 77 West Wacker Drive for 16 years. In addition to property management and leasing, JLL also provides facilities management and project management services for Capital One, one of the building’s major tenants.

What is your favorite part about this site? Why should people see it?

My favorite part of 77 West Wacker Drive is the monumental, marble-clad lobby, which features 42-foot white oak ceilings, bamboo trees and a reflecting pool. There are also three pieces of artwork from Barcelona artists: “Three Lawyers and a Judge,” a sculpture by Xavier Corbero; “Big Eyelids,” a large painting by Antoni Tapies; and “Twisted Columns,” a sculpture by the building’s design consultant, Ricardo Bofill. People should see the building because it is one of the finest examples of Modern Classicism in the U.S.

What do you love about Open House Chicago? What was your favorite OHC experience?

We are thrilled to be participating for the first time, and the best part so far has been collaborating our efforts with Capital One. They will be showcasing their 22nd floor office, named a 2016 “Chicago’s Coolest Office” finalist by Crain’s. Commonly called “Shop,” the space consists of modern, urban finishes with unique, tech-forward elements. It also hosts “Bear Champ” artwork from street artist JC Rivera, futuristic equipment, such as 3D printers, and lots of design homages to Chicago’s history.

What is the most unusual or most common question you get asked by visitors?

“Was this the building where Samuel L. Jackson filmed ‘The Negotiator’ or Julia Roberts filmed ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’?” The answer is yes! I was managing 333 West Wacker when “My Best Friend’s Wedding” was filmed, but I walked by 77 West Wacker and met Julia Roberts, who was walking her dog while on break from filming. We’re also often asked about the building’s lighting, which was designed by Pierre Arnaud. He has illuminated the Pyramids, the Parthenon and the Louvre in Paris! How amazing is that?

What is your favorite Open House Chicago site other than your own?

The Civic Opera House and Civic Opera Building. I saw my first play, “The Phantom of the Opera,” there while in college and felt like I was back in the Roaring Twenties with all the glitz and glamour, and of course, the beautiful Art Deco finishes. You can feel the energy, spirit and history of the building—it’s absolutely amazing.