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Celebrate Jane Jacobs' 100th birthday by studying and discussing excerpts from her seminal work, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities." We'll also take a look at other influential figures in mid-century American planning efforts. Paul Durica—author, historian and producer of Pocket Guide to Hell—leads this two-part series.

$40 non-members
$35 CAF members
Morse Studio @ CAF, 224 S. Michigan Ave.

Paul Durica is a teacher, a writer and a public historian. Since 2008, he's acted as producer on a series of interactive public history talks, walks and reenactments known as Pocket Guide to Hell. He has collaborated on programs with Chicago cultural institutions including the Jane Addams Hull House Museum, the Chicago History Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Paul's writing on Chicago history and culture has appeared in Poetry, The Chicagoan and Lumpen. He is Director of Programs at Illinois Humanities and has taught classes on Chicago history at both Newberry Library and the University of Chicago.

Note: Single ticket purchase includes both dates in the series, May 11 and May 18, 2016.


Week 1
Wednesday, May 11, 6pm

We’ll discuss Chapter 6, “The Uses of City Neighborhoods.”

Week 2
Wednesday, May 18, 6pm

We’ll discuss Chapter 10, “The Need for Aged Buildings,” and Chapter 11, "The Need for Concentration."