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A special program featuring Professor Carlos Moreno, the man who coined the term 15-Minute City to describe an urbanist movement that encourages walkable, accessible and dynamic neighborhoods.

May 8, 2024
6:00 pm

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During the Pandemic, as a result of working from home, many people rediscovered their own neighborhoods and all that they offer and don’t offer. Not coincidentally, this is when the 15-Minute City took the world by storm. The 15-Minute City is rooted in the tried-and-true Urbanism of our oldest cities. It encourages bringing offices, shops, restaurants, entertainment and essential services closer to where people live, while providing an inviting environment for walking, biking and strengthening social connections. The concept has also been touted as a way for cities to build back from the pandemic in more resilient ways.

During this program, learn about the movement’s origins and core principles, and its rapid adoption by cities like Paris, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Houston. With Studio Gang principal and former Chicago transportation commissioner Gia Biagi joining Carlos in conversation, attendees will also discover how these ideas are beginning to take hold in Chicago.

This program is part of our Loop as Lab: Reshaping Downtowns exhibition series exploring key themes for the future of downtowns.

Program Speaker: Carlos Moreno

University Professor and Researcher, Carlos Moreno earned international recognition as a scientist with an innovative mind, pioneer works and unique approach to urban issues. He is also a scientific advisor of national and international figures of the highest level. He works at the heart of issues of international significance as a result of his research, bringing an innovative perspective on urban issues and offering solutions to the issues faced by the cities in the 21st century. Some of his concepts have traveled the world: the ‘Human Smart City’, the ’15-Minute City’ and the ’30-Minute Territory’.  In 2022, he led the launch of the Global Observatory of Sustainable Proximities at the World Urban Forum with UN-Habitat, C40 Cities, UCLG and other partners. His latest book, "The 15-Minute City: A Solution to Saving Our Time and Our Planet," is published by Wiley (May, 2024).

Program Speaker: Gia Biagi

Gia Biagi is Principal of Urbanism & Civic Impact at Studio Gang, where she leads the office's urban design and planning work. This part of the practice unites revitalizing cities with emphasis on ecology, mobility, and community. It puts renewed focus on how to reimagine public assets, infrastructure, and institutions to be more relevant, connected, and responsive to people and the places they reside. Biagi’s career has established her as a visionary leader in community-centered, equity-focused, and environmentally responsible urban planning and design. From 2019 to 2023, she served as Commissioner of Chicago’s Department of Transportation, where she delivered hundreds of innovative transportation projects citywide and created a nation-leading strategic plan focused on equitable, safe, and sustainable mobility and transformational neighborhood investments. Prior to that, she led planning and design at the Chicago Park District and held various other private and public sector roles where her work focused on neighborhood revitalization through planning, programs, policies, and capital investments.