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Hip Hop Architecture Camp is a one-week intensive experience that challenges youth of underserved populations to explore the cultural implications of architecture in the built environment through the lens of hip hop culture.

111 E. Wacker Dr.

CAF is teaming with The Urban Arts Collective and Autodesk to host this 5-day camp. During the camp, participants are paired with architects, urban planners, designers, hip hop artists and educators to create unique architectural interventions in response to various community challenges being researched by faculty at the University of Illinois. Participants will create their visions in 3D using Autodesk’s Tinkercad software. The camp concludes with the creation of a Hip Hop Architecture track and music video summarizing the group’s designs, similar to a recent video created by participants in Detroit, Michigan.

*The camp takes place Aug. 6–10 and is free for youth ages 11-14 who are accepted through the application process. Application form will close on June 25, 2018. 

Please review the latest COVID-19 Safety Policies.