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Early Chicago female reformers left a legacy that influences public policy and social justice activism to this day. Join us as we explore their place… where they lived, worked, and made a difference in Chicago through the safety net they wove.

April 3, 2024
12:00 pm

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It’s important in Chicago to recognize the contributions of women to social, economic, and educational reforms for urban development. Focusing on their work from 1870 – 1920 (BEFORE they had the vote), we consider where and how these women laid the foundations of reforms that support Chicago’s vibrant and diverse communities through local, state, and national policies that continue to this day.

About the Program Presenter

CAC docent Catherine Thomson is a professional property manager and an avid social justice activist. She is also one-half of HERstory, a duo of women honoring the achievements of women through musical storytelling programs such as The 19th Amendment and the Power of the Vote, Trailblazing Female Firsts, and debuting March 9th, A Century of Songwriting Sisters. Catherine celebrates HERstory every day, but during Women’s History Month, it is a delight to dig deep into the roots of reform and the Chicago women who cultivated them.