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Although our docents go into great depth covering the history of over 50 buildings on the CAC’s renowned River Cruise, that ninety-minute tour is still not enough time to share all of the interesting facts about the architecture along the Chicago River. Join CAC docents as they share the “extra” stories about the buildings and people that make the Chicago River so special.

June 26, 2024
12:00 pm
$15 Public
Free for Members
Virtual: Zoom


This illustrated talk features some of our favorite “deleted scenes” from the CAFC River Cruise aboard Chicago’s First Lady. Explore new thinking that may reverse your opinion of the Chicago River reversal. Meet a Chicago woman who embodied our city’s “I Will” motto. Slip under the glass skin to the concrete bones of a structural marvel. Ponder a question asked by every Chicago driver from 1908 to today. If you’ve ever approached a river cruise docent after your tour and asked, “can you tell me more?” this presentation is for you!


Josh Brickman

Josh has a master’s degree in Structural Engineering and practiced in the City of Chicago for seven years. Now working as a software developer, he continues to give architectural tours with CAC, weaving science stories and physics facts into his tales about architecture and history.

Susan Frost

Susan has been giving architecture tours in the Chicago area for 25 years, and has been a CAC docent since 2015. She has a BA in Art History and an abiding love of historic preservation and Chicago history. The question from guests that she can never answer is “what is your favorite building?”

Alison Schlickman

Alison has been a docent since 2015. As a fourth generation Chicagoan, she loves Chicago's architecture and history. Becoming a docent after a long career with the Federal Reserve has given her the chance to share her enthusiasm for Chicago with guests from far and wide. Being part of the Chicago Architecture Center has been a joy and a privilege for Alison.