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The Midway Plaisance at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition was a special, exciting, entertaining and fun experience, creating the legacy that would forever give us a Midway at every fair and carnival. Join us for a walk around the Midway as we recall the mix of exhibits, rides and eats and the commercial enterprises that made enough money for the Fair to end in the black.

1.5 Hours
Chicago Blackhawks Ice Rink at Midway Plaisance

Chicago has often been described as a quintessential American city: a mix of highbrow endeavors like education and culture, and commercial pursuits. The Midway was the model example of that Chicago, featuring entertainment alongside educational and cultural exhibitions. The Midway was a relief from the idealism of art and progress found on the main fairgrounds, as well as an escape from the harsh realities of daily living. It gave us the memories of the first Ferris Wheel and the Captive Balloon, so it's no wonder that it was the Midway that made the Fair profitable. On this tour, we'll follow the course of the entrepreneurs and their displays that made the Midway the commercial success it was.



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