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At the Chicago Architecture Center, our programs and events help you think differently about the places we live, work and play. Get behind-the-scenes access to the city's architectural treasures. Practice your design skills while you play with your family. Participate in expert-led discussions about the latest urban design issues. With these offerings and so many more to choose from, we guarantee there’s something inspiring and fun for you at the CAC. 

CAC Live: Chicago’s Moveable Bridges

Chicago is home to more moveable bridges than any other city in the country, keeping all sides of the city connected despite waterways that cut across them. Explore how these marvels of engineering helped shape the Chicago we know today.

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Japan to Chicago: Architectural Connections

Architecture in Chicago has long drawn influence from Japan. Trace the connections beginning with parallels to Japanese architectural tradition found in Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and continuing on to Japanese architects practicing in Chicago today.

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The Future of the Urban Middle Class

Research shows Chicago has become more segregated by income over time with growing pockets of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. This special hour-long event tackles the challenges of rebuilding the middle class as we mount recoveries in our cities.

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Art in the Design Studio

Add a splash of color to your child’s day when they spend an hour in our Design Studio creating a masterpiece using color, shapes, and materials.

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